Cris Hemsworth reveals Extraction 2 sneak peek | First look (2022)

Sam Hargrave, the director, provides a glimpse at a few of the sequel’s stunts.

Cris Hemsworth reveals Extraction 2 sneak peek | First look

Extraction provided a much-needed diversion in April 2020 as the coronavirus outbreak forced movie theatres to close. It was a brand-new action film released when tentpoles had been put on hold. The movie was hailed as a hit by Netflix, and a sequel was swiftly approved. With a featurette on the upcoming movie, Extraction 2, a first look at the action has now been released.

A helicopter landing on top of a moving train and an even longer “oner,” or a scene that appears to be shot in one take, are two examples of the new stunts and perilous action that have been suggested.

Extraction Sam Hargrave, a stuntman who made his directorial debut with Extraction 1, is the creator of 2. By use of their AGBO banner, Joe and Anthony Russo produce.

After writing the screenplay for the first movie, which starred Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a mercenary searching for atonement after losing his son, Joe Russo wrote this one.

The new take on the movie is a part of Saturday’s Tudum, a Netflix-produced online fan event.

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